Quadratic Formula Assignment



  • You will create a program that calculates the quadratic formula from given user input


  • 016 Demonstrate job-specific mathematics skills.
  • 053 Write a program that uses variables and constants.
  • 054 Write a program accepting user input.



  1. Create a program named quad.py
  2. Prompt the user (ask the user for input) for variables a, b, and c
    • Don't forget to convert if necessary
  3. Calculate both real solutions using the quadratic formula (look it up on the internets)
    • There are two roots to calculate
    • You should have two variables x1 and x2 as the two solutions to the quadratic formula
    • Exponentiation: x**y (x to the y power)
    • Square root is the same as taking something to the power 0.5
    • Remember to use parentheses
    • Watch out for order of operations!
  4. Print the quadratic equation: a*x^2 + b*x + c = 0
    • Be sure to print a, b, c using the variables, so that the equation has the original inputs
  5. Print the two solutions of the quadratic formula

CHALLENGE: check if the solutions are real or imaginary


Please enter a: 1
Please enter b: 3
Please enter c: 2

Your equation is 1*x^2+3*x+2=0
The roots are:


Please enter a: 2
Please enter b: 3
Please enter c: 1

Your equation is 2*x^2+3*x+1=0
The roots are: