Prime numbers assignment

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  • To become well-learned in the way of the while loop



  1. Prompt the user to enter a number, N
  2. Create a variable named isPrime and set it to True
  3. Use a loop that counts from 2 up through N/2
    • If N is divisible by the loop counter, then set isPrime to False and break out of the loop
    • In order to check for divisibility, you can get the remainder by using the modulus (%) operator. Example: 13 % 5 yields 3 because the remainder of 13 / 5 is 3
    • Compare the remainder to 0 to see if it is evenly divided
  4. After the loop, check if isPrime is True,
    1. print out that it is a prime number,
    2. else, print out that it is not a prime number

Additional Challenges:

  1. Prompt the user for A
  2. Print out the first A prime numbers