IBCS1 - 1819 - January

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Wednesday (1/30/19)


  • Wing 101 IDE setup & config for Python3
  • Complete isPrime function and loop assignment in repl.it
    • Be sure to read the new directions. Mr. Bui has changed the requirements of the assignment!
  • Continue on to Monte Carlo Calculation of Pi (Wing IDE)
    • Additional challenge: Animate your Monte Carlo Pi calculation using Processing

Friday (1/25/19)


  • Demo missing Simple Item Collection Games
  • Spend time working on implementing additional challenges
  • Introduction to Iteration (looping)
  • while loop practice (using Wing IDE)
    • Write a loop that prints 0 to 10
    • Write a loop that prints 10 to 0
    • Write a loop that prints from 19 to 77
    • Write a loop that prints the first 50 even numbers
    • Prompt a user for a number N. Write a loop that then prints out the first N even numbers (Hint: Use multiple variables)
  • Work on Prime numbers assignment (using Wing IDE)

Wednesday (1/23/19)


  • Complete and demo Simple Item Collection Game
  • Additional challenges:
    • When robots collide with each other, turn them into stationary mines
    • Spawn farms where new robots come out
    • Different level maps where the player must avoid pitfalls (danger zones)
    • Attack and defense for the player against robots

Wednesday - Friday (1/16/19 - 1/18/19)


  • Missing demos of Flappy Bird w/ OOP
  • Simple Item Collection Game
    • Game Description
      1. We will design a simple top-down item collection game
      2. You can move the player sprite with the keyboard (wrap the player to the other side of the screen if you go off screen)
      3. The player will be able to collect items
      4. Robot sprites will attempt to follow the player around
      5. You win when you collect all the items
      6. You lose if a robot collides with your sprite
    • Object-oriented design
      1. What objects will we need?
      2. What variables will we need in our object(s)?
      3. What functions will we need in our object(s)?
    • Next steps
      1. Find and download your own sprite images
      2. Implement the game described above using our modified Sprite class
      3. Game demonstration is due next Wednesday (1/23/19)

Monday (1/14/19)

  • Snow Day

Thursday (1/10/19)


  • Cornell Engineering Diversity Programs - one-week residential programs:
  • Demonstrated your Flappy Bird implementation using object-oriented programming
    • Must have score and multiple pipes (at least 2 pairs)

Tuesday (1/8/19)


  • Post Winter Break Review
  • Object-usage review
  • Re-implement the Flappy Bird Game (with score) using the Sprite class and objects
    • Mr. Bui has supplied the sprite images here
    • We will probably want to tweak the Sprite class a little to add a flap() function and fix move()
    • We can also add a passed variable to remember whether or not we passed a pipe
  • Cornell Engineering Diversity Programs - one-week residential programs:

Monday - Friday (12/31/18 - 1/4/19)

  • Winter Break