CS1 - 0910 - March


Wednesday - Friday (3/24/10 - 3/26/10)



  • Closed-book Strings
  • Open-book Strings
  • Closed-book Lists (you may optionally take this on Friday)

Monday (3/22/10)

  • 3rd Quarter Exam Review

Tuesday - Thursday (3/16/10 - 3/18/10)



Tuesday - Friday (3/2/10 - 3/12/10)


  • Obtain three thumbnail pictures:
    • One picture for your player (a sprite of some sort)
    • One picture for your items
    • One picture for your mines


  • Finding sprites and using Image()
  • Item collection game
    1. Go to HTTLACS: Ch 8 and go to section 8.8
    2. Use the simple Catch version in 8.8 as a starting point
    3. Replace all your ball, ball_x, and ball_y variables with item, item_x, and item_y
    4. Replace all your mitt, mitt_x, and mitt_y variables with player, player_x, and player_y
    5. Add an if statement so that your item bounces off the side walls (HINT: check to see how it bounces off the top and bottom walls)
    6. Add the code to enable your player to move left and right
    7. Make your player and items use images instead of Circle()
item = Circle((item_x, item_y), 10)

should change to

item = Image("filename", (item_x, item_y))
    1. Add a mine that moves around the screen
    2. Be sure to change how the game reacts to collisions with items and mines
    3. Make sure your game matches the requirements in Item collection game


  • Introduction to Strings
  • Complete HTTLACS: Ch7 #1,2, 5-10