Robot game



  • Design and implement a game where a player may move around the screen and a robot follows it


  • 053 Write a program that uses variables and constants.
  • 057 Write a program that uses conditional structures.
  • 058 Write a program that uses looping structures.
  • 061 Code a program to display graphics.
  • 063 Code a program to animate objects.


  • Colorful or non-default background image/drawing (optional)
  • Player sprite must be able to move around the screen with the keyboard
  • The screen must wrap around (see below)
  • There should be 5-10 items on the screen that the player must collect
    • To "collect" an item, a collision should make it disappear
    • You may want to keep track of the number of items collected using a variable
  • The robot sprite must follow the player around the screen (see below)
  • If the player collides with the robot, then the player loses
  • If the player collects all the items, then the player wins

Making the Robot follow:

  1. Repeat until the Robot touches the Player
  2. Make the Robot point in the direction of the Player
  3. Move the Robot a little

Making the screen wrap around:

  • Moving beyond the left side of the screen will make the player appear on the right and vice versa
  • Moving beyond the top of the screen will make the player appear on the bottom and vice versa
  • (Hint: For the left side, check if the Player's x-coordinate is less than the left-side X, and tell the Player to goto the right-side's X and keep the Player's y-coordinate the same)

Advanced Features:

  • Teleport
    • If the player presses the 'T' key on the keyboard, then the player is randomly teleported to another location on the screen
  • Warping
    • Place several warps (e.g. Mario warp pipes) on the screen
    • If the player reaches one of these warps, then it sends the player to the other warp location
  • Special Freeze Item
    • Place a special item on the screen
    • If the player collects the item, then the robot is frozen for a period of time and does not follow
  • Difficulty levels
    • If the player wins, then increase the difficulty level some how