IB Computer Science I Syllabus


Paul Bui
E-mail: BuiEmail.bmp
Phone: 703.228.6200 (ask for the call to be forwarded to Mr. Bui)
Website: http://www.paulbui.net/wl/IB_Computer_Science_1


Students are expected to have completed Algebra 2 with a B or better.


In this course we will study the fundamental aspects of programming and computer science. We will learn programming concepts using the Python and Java programming languages. Students will complete a variety of class activities and programming assignments to facilitate their understanding of the course material.


Class time will be divided between lecture and lab. I will lecture at the beginning of the class period, and the remaining time will be used for lab. The course will be structured such that all assignments, materials, and resources may be found on the course website.

Student grades reflect student achievement and not student behavior. Grades will follow the following guidelines. Border-line grades will be rounded up.

Grade Weights
Grade Scale

50%    Labs & Assignments
50%    Tests & Quizzes

A      90 – 100
B+    87 – 89
B      80 – 86
C+    77 – 79
C      70 – 76
D+    67 – 69
D      60 – 66
E      0 – 59

Labs & Assignments

Labs are a fundamental part of this course, and there will be many labs throughout each quarter. Some labs will cover only a few days, while others may take several weeks. All lab assignments will be posted on the course website, along with detailed instructions and due dates. I am available for help during second lunch or after school upon request. Labs may also be completed on a home computer. Late assignments will be accepted with a penalty of 5% each day, after the due date.

Tests & Quizzes

There will be tests and quizzes throughout the year. Makeup quizzes are allowed provided that there is an excused absence. Tests and quizzes will be structured similarly; quizzes however will be shorter in length. Tests will generally be given after the completion of each major unit. Quizzes may be administered at the beginning of class, and unexcused tardy students will not receive extended time.

Attendance Policies

  • Arriving 1-19 minutes late is reported as a tardy
    • 3 unexcused tardies -> detention
    • 5+ unexcused tardies -> administrative referral
  • Arriving 20+ minutes late is reported as an absence
    • 3+ unexcused absences -> administrative referral

Academic Integrity

In this course, collaboration among students is encouraged. However, copying another’s work or allowing your work to be copied is not acceptable and is a violation of Washington-Liberty’s academic integrity policy. Students will be asked to sign an honor pledge for each lab or major assignment. By signing the pledge, students acknowledge their understanding of the honor policy and that they have not violated that policy in any way. The pledge states either:
"On my honor, I pledge that I have neither given nor received information on this assignment."
"On my honor, I pledge that I have given [received] information on this assignment to [from] the following individual(s) …."


  • Solving computing problems
  • Python programming
    • Variables, types, operators, input/output
    • Functions
    • Conditional statements
    • Iteration (Looping)
    • Strings
    • Lists
    • Classes
  • Object-oriented programming
    • Java programming
  • History of computing and the Internet

Additional AP/IB Components

  • As an advanced course, students are expected to perform at or above a “C” at all times. Grades below a 70% are considered unsatisfactory, even though students will be earning extra quality points when they complete the course Internal Assessment (IA) and sit for the external IB examination. Students who complete both on time will be exempt from final examinations for this course. Students who fail to submit the required IA will not be eligible to sit for the external examination. Students who do not sit for the external examination will be awarded a mark of "N", no mark, by the International Baccalaureate Organization. This will result in the loss of the quality point on the school transcript and they will be required to take a final exam on the date specified in the WLHS calendar. If this happens, the final course grade will be an average of the four quarter grades and the final exam grade.
  • Arlington Public Schools (APS) pays for the examination fees for all AP and IB courses. Any student who registers for an AP or IB course, but does not take the corresponding exam or complete the required IB internal assessment (IA), will be required to reimburse APS for their examination fee(s). The cost of each exam is established by the College Board and International Baccalaureate Organization.


  • The IB Computer Science exam will be taken after students complete the second year of IB Computer Science

Solution (Internal Assessment)

  • "The solution is an individual piece of work that develops a solution including product to a specified problem or unanswered question." -IB CS Guide
  • A year-long individual programming project, which we will start at the end of this year

Group 4 Project

A collaborative activity where students from different group 4 subjects work together on a scientific or technological topic, allowing for concepts and perceptions from across the disciplines to be shared.

Textbook & Supplies

The class does *not* have a physical textbook; however, we will be using a number of on-line resources:

On-line Resources





  • Students should have a cloud storage account (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) They can be used to store work for all classes, and are generally free.
  • Students are recommended (*not required*) to bring earphones to class. We will be using on-line video tutorials and sound devices in our programming.

Dual Enrollment

  • TBA

Lab Schedule

If you wish to schedule time in the lab during Generals Period, lunch, or after school, please e-mail or come talk to me.


Students are expected to follow the Acceptable Use Policy as well as other school policies

Lab Etiquette

  • Please arrive on time
  • Be productive
  • Be mindful of your neighbors’ work space
  • During lecture time, please take off your headphones and turn off your listening devices
  • Cellphone use is prohibited unless being used for instructional purposes and with teacher permission. Otherwise, all cellphones must be silent and out of site during instructional time.
  • Avoid being rude with your cell phone
  • During work time (not quiz/test time), you are encouraged to work with others, but DO NOT do their work for them
  • Please do not spin in the chairs or lean too far back because the desks will be marred
  • No food or drink in the lab area
  • Keep the lab clean – no trash!
  • The room is used every period, so please leave it in the same condition or better when class is over
    • Clean up your work space
    • Straighten the keyboard and mouse
    • Push in the chairs

Infractions will be followed by warnings, lunch detention, after-school detention, Saturday detention, or by an administrative referral and parent/guardian conference

Agreement Signature

  • Complete the syllabus assignment found in Canvas