IBCS2 - 0809 - March


Monday - Tuesday (3/30/09 - 3/31/09)

  • Turn in your Dossiers
  • Make sure you go through the entire checklist

Wednesday - Friday (3/25/09 - 3/27/09)

  • Dossier - Mastery Aspects

Tuesday (3/24/09)

Monday (3/23/09)

Wednesday - Friday (3/18/09 - 3/20/09)

  • Turn in your Test Output and Conclusion sections

Tuesday (3/17/09)

  • Dossier progress check

Monday (3/16/09)

Wednesday - Friday (3/11/09 - 3/13/09)

  • Turn in Usability, Handling Errors, and Success of Program
    • Please place them in the Period 3 tray
  • Go through all your dossier code and clean it up according to the rules found in Good Programming Style
  • After you have completed all your code (file I/O and handling errors included), begin grabbing screenshots of your program in action
  • Mr. Bui will be doing a dossier check to see if you used your class time productively

Tuesday (3/10/09)


Monday (3/9/09)


  • An automated robot is used to cut shapes from steel sheets. If the robot's cutting blade becomes both hot and blunt the robot must stop so that the blade can cool and be resharpened. Sensors S1 (hot state) and S2 (blunt state) are attached to the blade to detect these states. Water from a container is used to keep the blade cool during cutting. If the water level falls below a certain point a sensor S3 detects this state and the robot stops irrespective of the other states. A logic circuit is required to control the robot so that it stops cutting when the appropriate states occur.
  • Create the Boolean table that represents the above logic


  • Turn in Usability and Handling Errors sections
  • Dossier: Criterion C4 - Success of Program
  • Introduction to Logic Gates

Thursday - Friday (3/5/09 - 3/6/09)

Wednesday (3/5/09)

Tuesday (3/4/09)

Monday (3/3/09)

  • Snow day!