IBCS1 - 0809 - November


Tuesday (11/25/08)

Friday (11/21/08)


  • Create a menu like the following:
Please choose an option below:

(1) eat
(2) sleep
(3) work

What would you like to do?


Wednesday (11/19/08)

  • Have you design flow chart out and ready to turn in.
  • Make sure your game is ready to be played.
  • Take a post-it note and put your name on it.
  • Speed Dating Gaming

Thursday - Monday (11/13/08 - 11/17/08)

  • Finish CYOA Game flowchart designs
  • Begin coding your CYOA Game
  • CYOA Game will be due next week at the beginning of Wednesday (11/19/08)

Monday (11/10/08)



  • You will demo your Formula Fun assignment today
  • Discuss Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA)
  • Discuss engineering design & implementation
    • Requirements, design, implementation, testing, evaluation
  • Requirements Analysis
    • Each menu should have at least 3 options
    • Your CYOA should have at least 5 levels of depth
    • MUST be school appropriate
  • Design
    • We will create a flow chart to design your CYOA game
  • Implementation
    • We will create our game in Python using input and if-statements
  • Testing
    • We will test each others' games as a class
  • Evaluation
    • You are going to grade each other

Thursday (11/6/08)


  • Print out a menu that looks like the following:
Welcome to the Formula Fun Menu!

f(a)hrenheit to celsius
(c)elsius to fahrenheit

What would you like to do? (Please choose an option from the above and press Enter...) 
  • Prompt the user for input that corresponds to the above menu
  • Check if the user inputs 'h', and if they do, then print out "...calculating hypotenuse"


  • Repeated menus
  • Formula Fun Assignment
    • Copy your functions from the Chapter 5 assignment
    • If the user inputs 'h' then, you should prompt the user for a, b, and c. Calculate the hypotenuse by calling the hypotenuse function, and print out the result that is returned.
    • You should do the same for all of the menu's choices.
    • If the user does not enter a valid choice, then tell them "INVALID CHOICE" and repeat the menu again
  • Formula Fun Assignment is due at the beginning of next class.

Monday (11/3/08)

  • Return and go over 1st Quarter Exam
  • Complete Chapter 6 exercises - # 5 - 9 today