GvR Steps 1-13 Quiz



You have until the end of the class period to complete the quiz. The quiz is open-note, open-computer, but CLOSED-PERSON (no screen-peeking or talking with a classmate). When you believe that you are done with the quiz, please raise your hand and I will grade it.

1) Download the following two world maps: Media:Quiz2a.wld and Media:Quiz2b.wld

2) You will write one program that works for BOTH worlds. If you can only get your program to work on the first one, then you will still receive partial credit. In your program, Guido will pickup all the beepers along the bottom, continue to travel around the walls, and drop off one beeper at each of the openings.

Your program should do the following:

  1. Move forward as long as the front is clear (must use a while)
    1. While you are on top of beepers, you pick them up (must use a while)
  2. Continue following the wall so that you end up in the top area. (You can do this any way you want)
  3. Move forward as long as the front is clear (must use a while)
    1. If there is an opening to the right, you should drop a beeper (must use an if)
  4. Guido should shutdown in the upper left corner of the walls

3) When you are done, raise your hand and be prepared to run your program.


4 pts for picking up all the beepers
4 pts for dropping off a beeper at each of the openings
2 pts for having your program work in both World A and World B
10 pts total