Geek Flow Chart Assignment


Objective: Create a program that asks the user various questions that leads them through the GeekDatingChart.jpg


  • 043 Design a program using an algorithm, pseudocode, and/or a flowchart.
  • 044 Code the program, using a programming language.
  • 045 Execute the program with sample data.
  • 046 Debug the program.


  1. Create a python script named
  2. Ask the user the first question: "Do you have someone in mind? (y/n)"
  3. Store the user's input into a variable
  4. If the variable is a "y", then proceed to ask them "Are they available? (y/n)"
  5. If the variable is a "n", then proceed to "GPF"
  6. HINT: You will have NESTED if statements as you proceed through the geek dating chart.


eat = input("Have you eaten yet today? (y/n)")

if eat == "y":
    print("You ate without me?")
if eat == "n":
    fiveGuys = input("Would you like to get some Five Guys? (y/n)")
    if fiveGuys == "y":
        print("YES!  Five Guys rocks!")
        print("WHAT?!?  You are crazy!  Five Guys rocks!")