Equality of access



The ideal of equal access is fundamental to American democracy and the rest of the world. Today, people are constantly discussing and debating whether or not everyone has equal access to everything. The equal access of technology has become one of the greatest issues of them all.[1]

  • Technical definition - Equality of Access is the concept that all persons should have equal rights of access to anything they desire.[2]
  • Explanation for beginners - Everyone should be able to use and access everything in the same way.
  • Layman's definition - Does everyone have equal access to anything? Do some people have more access to information and technology then do other people?

Importance of Equality of Access

The United States Constitution[3] states that 'all men are created equal'. It is important that people have equal access to information or one could say that they are not being treated according to the United States Constitution[3]. If everyone is not being given access to information and technology then not everyone is being treated equally. An example of technology that is not accessible to each and every individual would be the internet. Although, there are some parts of society which are making a difference and trying to make the internet more easily accessible to more people[4].

Historical Events involving the Equality of Access

  • Library computers are a making a difference in the equality of access of technology. More people are now able to access and have the opportunity to use the internet.[5]
  • The TechConnect PC Purchase Program is a partnership that offers low-income working families in San Francisco the opportunity to buy a discounted Dell computer for a low monthly cost.[6]
  • The city of Philadelphia is making the internet more easily accessible to people by creating a free wireless network throughout the city. By doing this, Philadelphia has made a great stand, which is a wonderful example for other cities.[4]

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