Arlington Real Estate Website



  • Design and implement a web page for the sale of your home


  • You will be using Dreamweaver, Animoto, and any relevant public information systems to create a real estate sales webpage.
  • Your webpage should contain the following content:
    • Sales price based on assessed value and recent sales in your neighborhood.
    • Property description: Year Built, Lot Size (if you live in an apartment or condo this would be answered by NA - not applicable)
    • Pictures of the exterior and interior of your home
    • Square Footage of the interior, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, types of other rooms i.e. Kitchen, etc.
    • Features: example: washer & dryer, fenced in yard, off street parking, etc.
    • Map location
    • Schools: elementary, middle, and high schools
    • Demographic information for each school in graphing format (use excel)
    • Report card performance for each school
    • Points of interest within 2 miles of walking
    • Weather (bonus points for figuring out how to add weather)
  • Your webpage should contain the following technical standards:
    • Use of tables to control page layout (or CSS for the l33t html hax0rs)
    • Animation of pictures centered on the page
    • Text size and style appropriate per content (i.e. Bold for titles, non-bold for content)
    • Color design - text is readable against the background color
    • Minimum 4 graphs
    • W3C compliance
    • Aesthetic layout

Due Date:

  • This assignment is due at the end of the day on Monday (12/1/08)