IB Computer Science 2

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Monday (3/23/20) : Self-distancing : Week 2

  • Mr. Bui is in the process of closing out 3rd Quarter grades
  • There are updates and announcements coming soon from the IBO...stay tuned (and stay healthy)

Tuesday - Friday (3/17/20 - 3/20/20) : Self-distancing : Week 1

  • 3rd Quarter ends Friday (3/20/20)
    • If you do not submit your Final Internal Assessment, then you will receive an Incomplete for the 3rd quarter
    • The Cryptocurrency Case Study Slide will be credited for both the 3rd and 4th quarters. Not turning it in will yield a zero grade also for both 3rd and 4th quarters.
    • All IB CS 2 grades are currently being entered for the 3rd quarter, so if you check and notice a grade is incorrect, then please e-mail Mr. Bui
    • Recheck your IB CS 2 grade daily because Mr. Bui is updating it right now.
    • If you wish to update a grade b/c you needed to complete a missing/late assignment, then please e-mail Mr. Bui
    • No work for 3rd Quarter will be accepted after Friday (3/20/20)
  • 4th quarter schedule of assignments will be posted soon (after Mr. Bui finishes closing out 3rd quarter grades)

Monday (3/16/20) : Self-distancing : Week 1

  • All students are still expected to have submitted their Final Internal Assessments to Canvas
  • All students are still expected to complete the Case Study Slide Assignment (see previous date below) and submit it to Canvas
  • Mr. Bui is developing a weekly schedule of review tasks and exam preparation. A complete schedule should be posted by Tuesday (3/17/20) morning
  • Mr. Bui is also developing a question-answer workflow so that students can ask general and specific questions. The workflow will look something like this:
    • General questions should be posted in the Canvas Discussion area; however, the student should check if any existing discussion threads already answer their question. If not, then a new thread should be created for their question
    • Specific questions about student code will require students to take a screenshot of their own code and message it to Mr. Bui. The Canvas messaging system will likely be used for this because Mr. Bui does not want his inbox to be flooded
  • If you have a questions, please feel free to e-mail Mr. Bui or create a Discussion thread. Please note that if you e-mail a question, and it's a good question, then Mr. Bui may create a thread himself to repost and answer your question
  • Please note: Mr. & Mrs. Bui have their own children at home with them, so do not expect immediate responses.

Friday (3/13/20)


  • Your Final IAs should have been turned into Mr. Bui this morning
    • Late IA submissions will incur a penalty for every day that it is late
  • Today, you will be receiving your case study key term for which you will be creating a study slide and presentation
  • Check the list of assigned key terms and students here
  • Case Study Slide Assignment
    • You will need to research your term and create slides to teach the rest of the class (1-3 slides)
    • You will also present your slides in class (~5 minutes)
    • Your slide(s) must contain the following:
      • Definition: What does the term mean or do? (2 pts)
      • Describe: How does it work? (2 pts)
      • Image(s) or graphic(s) to help explain/describe the term (2 pts)
      • Importance or application of the term within the context of the case study (2 pts)
      • Paste links to useful resources about your term within the the notes section of your slides (2 pts)
    • Submit your slide(s) to Canvas. They are due by the end of the period; however, you may use the weekend if you do not finish it in class

Thursday - Wednesday (3/5/20 - 3/11/20)


Monday - Friday (2/24/20 - 2/28/20)



  • Criterion E draft due Friday (2/28/20)
  • Full IA will be due 8AM - Friday (3/13/20)
    • All components will need to be submitted: A, B, C, D, E, and the project code itself
  • Case study terms categories
  • Case study terms draft

Thursday (2/20/20)



  • Reminder: Setup your evaluation meeting with your client/advisor
  • Criterion E draft due Friday (2/28/20)
  • Full IA will be due 8AM - Friday (3/13/20)
    • All components will need to be submitted: A, B, C, D, E, and the project code itself
  • Complete Usability assignment (Canvas) today
  • Work on IA

Tuesday (2/18/20)


  • IA Work Day
  • Criterion E: Evaluation
    • Begin trying to schedule an evaluation meeting w/ your client and/or advisor

Thursday (2/13/20)


  • Criterion C drafts are due to Canvas today
  • We will revisit Usability topic and assignment as a class when Mr. Bui is back
  • Criterion D script outline is due by the end of the period
    • Your eventual video will be 5-7 minutes in length. Less than 5 minutes is allowed, but you should ask yourself why it's so short
    • List the specific actions or functionalities of your program that you will test. These should be your success criteria
    • For each of your actions, state your narration or the specific action you will perform as you are demonstrating your program
    • You should also demonstrate any error-handling that your program can do
    • This is your time to show off your IA for complexity points
    • Turn your outline into Canvas by the end of class
  • Read Media:IBCS_CaseStudy2020.pdf by Monday (2/17/20)

Tuesday (2/11/20 )


  • Criterion C draft due Thursday (2/13/20)
  • Control Systems
  • Criterion D end of this week / beginning of next
  • Criterion E end of February
  • Assemble IA first week of March
  • Turn in final IA March 9ish
  • Read Media:IBCS_CaseStudy2020.pdf by Monday (2/17/20)

Monday - Friday (2/3/20 - 2/7/20)


  • Criterion C review - ~1000 words
    • Screenshots of code
    • Extended writing (short paragraphs) that...
      • describes how your code implements the advanced programming technique
      • justifies the use of the technique (why did you use that advanced programming technique?) -- advantages of doing so and disadvantages of not doing so (or doing something different)
    • Citations / Bibliography to any external resources that you used (required!)
    • ~200 words per advanced programming technique
    • Draft due in Canvas by Thursday (2/13/20)
  • Systems in organizations
  • System design basics
  • Usability Assignment
    1. Find a software application example of "good" usability (you may not use an example stated in class)
    2. State the software application and the specific feature
    3. Identify the usability rule that it implements
    4. Display a screenshot of the application's implementation of the rule
    5. Briefly describe how that feature implements that particular usability rule
    6. Repeat the above with an example of "bad" usability
    7. Submit to Canvas

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