IBCS2 Summer Assignment

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Internal Assessment


  1. The summer assignment is to work on your IB Computer Science Internal Assessment
  2. Complete Criterion B - there are 2 major parts! (Record of Tasks AND Design documents)
  3. Research and develop your actual IA code

Criterion B Directions:

  1. Download and extract: Media:IBCS_IA_Forms.zip
  2. Open and complete Documentation->Crit_B_Record_of_Tasks (you may use either the ODT or RTF files)
    • You should break up your project into at least 15 smaller tasks
    • You should include completion of each of the IA Criteria (A-E) as tasks
    • You may use the Example IAs to help you
  3. Open and complete Crit_B_Design (or create your own as long as you bold and center the title: Criterion B: Design)
    • Create 3-5 labeled sketches (hand-drawn or computer-aided) of your program and what it will look like
    • Create a flowchart of how your program will be used and works
    • Create class diagrams for any classes (objects) that you will be using. Each diagram has 3 sections (IBM class diagram resource):
      • Name
      • Attributes (variables)
      • Methods (functions)
    • Create a table comprised of 2 columns: Functions and Descriptions
      • Functions will list the function headers of all your functions (return type, name, and input parameters)
      • Descriptions will describe what exactly each of the functions will do
    • Create any other additional diagrams or outlines that will help you design your project
    • Create a table for your "Test Plan". The table should have 2 columns:
      • Functionalities / features you will be testing
      • Description of how that feature is tested


  1. You should research the tools/software you'll need to install to work at home
  2. You should complete tutorials to further learn the programming language and tools that you will be using for your project


  • Due Monday (9/11/17)
  • Extra credit will be given to those who have it ready on the 1st day of school
  • Criterion B: Record of Tasks
  • Criterion B: Design documents (sketches, flowchart, table, and any other diagrams)


  • If you run into any problems, feel free to e-mail Mr. Bui
  • You can always change your project if you want. Please e-mail Mr. Bui if you are changing your project