IB Computer Science 1

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Monday (3/2/20)


Tuesday - Thursday (2/25/20 - 2/27/20)


  • Last day for missing assignments before interim grades
  • Benford's Law Assignment
    1. Read and watch Benford's Law and Fraud Detection
    2. Further reading Benford's Law
    3. Research and find a set of naturally occurring numbers. Here are some ideas, but you can come up with your own:
    4. Create a text file that contains a list of your numbers (try to have a list of ~1000 numbers if possible)
      • There are many different ways to do this...some people use Excel, Google Sheets, Sublime, Notepad, etc.
    5. Write a program that loads your text file, reads the data, extracts the leading digit(s) of the data set, and displays each digit's frequency as a percentage
      1. Can you successfully load a file? and print its contents?
      2. Can you split apart the contents and access each individual numerical string?
      3. Can you access just the first character of each string?
      4. Can you check what the character is and increase its corresponding count appropriately?
      5. Can you print out all the frequency percentages using all your counts?
    6. Additional challenges:
      • Look for any repeating patterns in your code and see if you can refactor your code to eliminate "bad code"
      • Use Processing to load a file, determine the frequencies, and then visually display a bar graph (note: read the Processing documentation to load a file)

Wednesday - Friday (2/19/20 - 2/21/20)


Wednesday - Friday (2/12/20 - 2/14/20)


Monday (2/10/20)


  • Lists quiz on Wednesday (2/12/20)
    • List basics (creating, accessing, modifying, etc.)
    • List traversal (loops w/ lists)
    • List summation, search, and/or min/max
  • Lists of Objects
    • Bouncing Ball w/ lists
    • Flappy Bird w/ lists
  • Assignment: re-implement Robots + Item Collection Game (Top Down) w/ lists and loops
    • You should have 3 lists: allObjects, robots, & items

Tuesday - Thursday (2/4/20 - 2/6/20)


  • Complete the bigger() and isDigit() repl.its


  • Course Request Forms
    • Rising Seniors -> IB CS 2 and/or AP CS A and/or AP CS Principles
    • Rising Juniors -> AP CS A and/or AP CS Principles
  • Review Python List Exercises
  • Complete List Repl.its by Thursday 2/6/20
    • List Review Exercises
    • List Search
    • List Minimum
    • List Maximum
    • List Reverse
  • Optional List Challenge:
  • Lists of Objects
    • Bouncing Ball w/ lists
    • Flappy Bird w/ lists

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