IB Computer Science 1

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Monday (12/2/19)


  • Group 4 Project Field Trip Logistics!
  • "Top-Down" Game (Robots / Item Collection Game) - complete and demo this week
    • This next game will use a top-down perspective and be a variation of many games that you might have played in the past
    • The keyboard will move the player around (WASD or arrow keys)
    • The player must collect 5 or more items on the screen. Collecting all the items wins the game.
    • The player must avoid colliding with at least 3 enemy robots that follow it around. Colliding with a robot loses the game
    • There is a timer counting down, and the player must collect all the items before it hits 0. Otherwise, the player loses.
    • The screen wraps around (e.g. player moving off screen to the left appears on the right)
  • Additional challenges:
    • Robots that collide with each other become disabled "land mines"
    • Attack ability so that player can fight back a robot
    • Health meter for the player
    • Levels that increase in difficulty (e.g. add more robots)
    • Warp doors - the player going through the door appears at the other door
    • An invincibility or shield power-up item

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