IBCS2 Summer Assignment

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Internal Assessment


  1. The summer assignment is to work on your IB Computer Science Internal Assessment
  2. Complete Criterion A (estimated time to complete: 1.5 hour)
  3. Draw several sketches for Criterion B (estimated time to complete: 1 hour)
  4. Research and develop some of your actual IA code (estimated time to complete: 3+ hours)


  1. Before you complete the directions below, open and review the following resources:

Criterion A Directions

  1. Open a Google Document and title it: Criterion A: Planning
  2. Insert a bold, centered header at the top with the words: Criterion A: Planning
  3. Criterion A should be no more than about 500 words
  4. Use the rubric, IA examples, and checklist to help you write your Criterion A!
  5. Explicitly state your client
  6. Explicitly state your advisor
  7. Define and describe the problem or unanswered question (175-250 words)
  8. Explicitly show and/or reference to documentation or evidence that a client was consulted (e.g. interview notes, transcription, or e-mail thread)
  9. Justify your proposed product (175-250 words)
    • Reasons why you are developing the product you are stating
    • Reasons why you chose the language you are going to use
    • Reasons why you are using the tools that you will use
  10. List 10 or more bulleted sentences/phrases for your success criteria (functionality requirements)

Criterion B: Sketches Directions

  1. Open a Google Document and title it: Criterion B: Design
  2. There is a lot more to Criterion B, but for the summer, you will only be required to draw the sketches component
  3. Either by hand or using a computer, draw at least 5 sketches of what you will want your resulting program to look like. You will want to sketch out any buttons, input fields, outputs, sample data, backgrounds, etc.
  4. If you drew the sketches by hand, you will need to take digital pictures of your sketches
  5. Insert the sketches into your Criterion B: Design, and under each image, write a single-sentence caption describing the sketch

Research and develop some of your actual IA code

  1. Start researching and developing your actual IA code
  2. Your deliverable for this component will be some artifact or evidence that you programmed something on your own

Deliverables due September 4-6, 2019:

  1. Have your documents ready to be submitted electronically during the first several days of school
    1. Criterion A: Planning
    2. Criterion B: Design sketches
    3. Some evidence that you programmed something on your own
  2. Your documents will eventually be submitted via Canvas (when the courses have been created)
  3. We will be adding to Criterion B during the first week

Optional Extra Credit

  1. Learn how to solve a Rubik's cube (i.e. learn the beginner's method of solving it)
    • You'll need to learn some of the notation
    • Here's an example guide to the beginner's method
    • There are plenty or resources out there, but basically, learn whatever algorithms you need to use in order to solve a Rubik's cube


  • If you run into any problems, feel free to e-mail Mr. Bui
  • You can always change your project if you want. Please e-mail Mr. Bui if you are changing your project