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* [https://tinyurl.com/APCSASampleQuestions 2020 AP CS A Sample Questions]
* [https://tinyurl.com/APCSASampleQuestions 2020 AP CS A Sample Questions]
* [https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/pdf/ap-2020exam-sample-questions-computer-science.pdf More 2020 AP CS A Sample Questions]
* [https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/pdf/ap-2020exam-sample-questions-computer-science.pdf More 2020 AP CS A Sample Questions]
** [https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tujhV6MCPsNUxjXVBT2g7lTdpf_jhYxl Solutions to these 2020 practice FRQs]
* Mr. Bui has posted his practice FRQ questions to Canvas. Please complete them before the AP exam as practice (and/or as a part of your grade elevation)
* Mr. Bui has posted his practice FRQ questions to Canvas. Please complete them before the AP exam as practice (and/or as a part of your grade elevation)

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Monday - Friday (5/11/20 - 5/15/20) : Self-distancing : Week 9

  • This is the week of the exam! Please e-mail Mr. Bui if you have any questions
  • AP CS Exam Date Reminder: May 15 @ 4pm
  • Read through all of the previous weeks and emails to make sure you're ready
  • Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Monday - Friday (5/4/20 - 5/8/20) : Self-distancing : Week 8

AP Exam Updates & Resources

  • AP CS Exam Date Reminder: May 15 @ 4pm
  • Read the AP Exam Testing Guide
    • This comprehensive testing guide that details everything!
  • Interactive Exam Simulation
  • College Board's AP CS Youtube Playlist
    • There will be practice exam questions shown and reviewed the week of 5/4/20
    • Please note that the exam will only test Topics 1 - 7 (the playlist goes through topics 7, 9, 10 for your future knowledge)
  • What students need on exam day
    • Make sure you go through the checklist
  • Note that there will be 3 options to submit your responses to the exam: copy-paste, upload/attach a file, upload a handwritten image. I believe that copy-paste will be the fastest, safest solution, so you'll want to practice typing your responses in a separate editor
  • I highly discourage using repl.it as your editor for the AP exam. It relies on the internet and has periodic hiccups and delays. Practice typing FRQs using another text editor or development environment that is on your computer (e.g. NetBeans, eclipse)
  • The timing constraints are intentional such that spending time looking stuff up will likely hurt your response's completeness
  • AP's Java Quick Reference

Monday - Friday (4/27/20 - 5/1/20) : Self-distancing : Week 7

  • Final grades have been posted. Both percentage and letter point averages were calculated, and the higher of the two was given
  • Message from College Board: AP students should review their College Board user profiles. To ensure your AP students are receiving critical information, make sure they log in to My AP to remind themselves of the email address and cell phone number they've asked the College Board to use. If they want, students can change how they are contacted. Two days before each exam, AP students will receive an email with a personalized e-ticket that will include their eight-character AP ID code. If an AP student still doesn’t receive the email, they'll be able to access their e-ticket directly through My AP.

Monday - Friday (4/20/20 - 4/24/20) : Self-distancing : Week 6

Tuesday - Friday (4/14/20 - 4/17/20) : Self-distancing : Week 5

Monday - Friday (4/6/20 - 4/10/20) : Self-distancing : Week 4

  • Spring Break

Monday - Friday (3/30/20 - 4/3/20) : Self-distancing : Week 3

  • Free AP Review Classes
    • Note: APCS's exam will only test Units 1-7; however the review videos may cover Units 8-10 because they are good to know for future classes
    • The review classes are broadcast daily on this schedule
    • The review videos are available on-demand, so you can access them any time
  • Complete the FRQ repl.its for practice

Monday - Friday (3/23/20 - 3/27/20) : Self-distancing : Week 2

Tuesday - Friday (3/17/20 - 3/20/20) : Self-distancing : Week 1

  • 3rd Quarter ends Friday (3/20/20)
    • All AP CS grades have been entered for the 3rd quarter, so if you check and notice a grade is incorrect, then please e-mail Mr. Bui
    • If you wish to update a grade b/c you needed to complete a missing/late assignment, then please e-mail Mr. Bui
    • No work for 3rd Quarter will be accepted after Friday (3/20/20)
  • 4th quarter schedule of assignments will be posted soon (after Mr. Bui finishes closing out 3rd quarter grades)

Monday (3/16/20) : Self-distancing : Week 1

  • All students are still expected to have completed all 3 of the AP CS FRQs that were assigned when school was still in session last week (see previous date below). Be prepared to take pictures or scan your work to submit to Canvas. More details to come...
  • Mr. Bui is developing a weekly schedule of Java-related, AP CS review tasks and resources. A complete schedule should be posted by Tuesday (3/17/20) morning
  • Mr. Bui is also developing a question-answer workflow so that students can ask general and specific questions. The workflow will look something like this:
    • General questions should be posted in the Canvas Discussion area; however, the student should check if any existing discussion threads already answer their question. If not, then a new thread should be created for their question
    • Specific questions about student code will require students to take a screenshot of their own code and message it to Mr. Bui. The Canvas messaging system will likely be used for this because Mr. Bui does not want his inbox to be flooded
  • If you have a questions, please feel free to e-mail Mr. Bui or create a Discussion thread. Please note that if you e-mail a question, and it's a good question, then Mr. Bui may create a thread himself to repost and answer your question
  • Please note: Mr. & Mrs. Bui have their own children at home with them, so do not expect immediate responses

Friday (3/13/20)


  • You will be practicing AP CS FRQs today
    • Complete #1, 2, 4 (skip #3) of the 2018 AP CS FRQ
    • You must write your responses by hand (make sure your name and the question numbers are at the top)
    • You may use the AP CS Java Quick Reference
    • Spend no more than 22.5 minutes per question


  • If you do not complete the 3 FRQs in class, then you may work on them at home

Wednesday (3/11/20)


Monday (3/9/20)


  • Recursion quiz
  • APCS FRQ 2019 #3 grading rubric
  • Merge sort
    • Possible MC question where they ask you to trace a merge sort execution
  • Quick...
    1. Create a two dimensional array of type double (4 x 6)
    2. Populate the 2D array with random numbers from 0 to 100
    3. Write a nested for loop that sums the entire 2D array and calculates the average


  • APCS FRQ 2019 #4 (22 minutes)

Thursday (3/5/20)


Given the following method declaration, which of the following is printed as the result of the call mystery(1234)?

//precondition:  x >=0
public static void mystery (int x)
   System.out.print(x % 10);

   if ((x / 10) != 0)
      mystery(x / 10);
   System.out.print(x % 10);

(a) 1441
(b) 43211234
(c) 3443
(d) 12344321
(e) Many digits are printed due to infinite recursion.


  • Finish APCS FRQ 2019 #2 (5 minutes)
    • Self-grade rubric
  • Recursion quiz on Monday (3/9/19)
  • Recursion review & HW questions?
  • Recursion practice problems
    • Write a recursive method that returns the sum of all the numbers from N down to 1: int sum(int N)
    • Write a recursive method that prints every other letter of a string: void printSkipping(String s)
    • Write a recursive method that returns true if a particular character is in the String: boolean findChar(char ch, String s)


  • APCS FRQ 2019 #3 (22 minutes)

Tuesday (3/3/20)

  • Super Tuesday (no school for students)

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