AP Computer Science

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Thursday (11/15/18)


  • Login to your albert.io account
  • Join our AP CS A course using: EMVT7IN8APTL


  • TBA

Tuesday (11/13/18)


  • Bubble sort questions?
    • Bubble sort should be done by now
  • NetBeans installation check
  • JGrasp installation check
  • JGrasp canvas visualization practice
    • Simple variables
    • Array
    • Loop
  • Insertion Sort Assignment
    1. Study the insertion sort visualization VisuAlgo
    2. What are the major components of the algorithm? (e.g. Loop that iterates through array from beginning to end) Others?
    3. Implement insertion sort
    4. Create your own data set and demonstrate your code for credit. Be prepared to be able to explain how your code works
    5. Submit you code via Repl.it

Wednesday (11/8/18)


  • Selection sort assignment in repl.it should be already complete
  • Watch the bubble sort visualization at VisuAlgo
    • Watch it multiple times until you have a firm understanding of what is happening
    • You can also read slide 5 about bubble sort in the Sorting slides
  • There is a bubble sort repl.it assignment posted with guided comments. Implement bubble sort using the guided comments. You can copy-paste the comments into NetBeans to develop your code. Be sure to submit your finalized code into repl.it for bubble sort
  • Future assignments will implement insertion sort and merge sort algorithms. You are encouraged to watch the VisuAlgo visualizations to understand those algorithms

Monday (11/5/18)


  1. Assume you have a given int[] named arr
  2. Assume you have two int variables named a and b
  3. Write the code that would swap the elements in arr located at indices a and b
    • e.g. swap the elements arr[a] and arr[b]


  • Complete the Find Minimum & Maximum repl.it
  • Group sorting activity
    1. Form 3-4 person groups
    2. Receive playing cards
    3. With your group, document step-by-step an algorithm (steps) of how you sort the cards out
    4. Every group will share their algorithm in class
    5. Paste your sorting algorithm in this group document - Don't forget to put your names
  • Introduction to Sorting
  • Complete Selection sort assignment in repl.it

Thursday (11/1/18)

  • While loops quiz
  • Search slides
    • Linear Search
    • Binary Search
  • LS and BS assignments will be posted in Repl.it
  • Complete LS and BS by Monday (11/5/18)