"Remember no man is a failure who has friends."

Paul Bui
Computer Science Teacher

Washington-Lee High School
1301 N. Stafford St.
Arlington, VA 22201

Office: Room 4209
Phone: 703.228.6200

Computer science education, security, smartcards, web development, computer architecture
Advanced Topics in IT
Computer Science
IB Computer Science HL 1
IB Computer Science HL 2
IB Information Technology in the Global Society (ITGS)
Visual Basic
IT Club
Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Martha's Table
Python Made Simple
WACFL Debate
Biographical Sketch
Paul received his B.S. (2004) and M.E. (2006) in Computer Engineering from the University of Virginia. He joined the Washington-Lee High School faculty in the fall of 2006 as a Computer Science teacher. As an undergraduate and graduate student in UVA's School of Engineering and Applied Science, Paul was a teaching assistant for the Computer Science department. He TAed CS101, CS201, CS216, and CS453 for four years, which inspired him to pursue a career in teaching.